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Сникет. Mob psychology

12.The Penultimate Peril. Несчастный случай в отеле

"I didn't realize this was a sad occasion," said another hotel guest. "We should observe everything carefully, and intrude only if absolutely necessary."

"I disagree!" said someone in a raspy shout. "We should intrude right now, and observe only if absolutely necessary!"

"We should call the authorities!" said someone else.

"We should call the manager!" "We should call the concierge!" "We should call my mother!" "We should look for clues!" "We should look for weapons!" "We should look for my mother!" "We should look for suspicious people!" "Suspicious people?" repeated another voice. "But this is supposed to be a nice hotel!" "Nice hotels are crawling with suspicious people," someone else remarked. "I saw a washerwoman who was wearing a suspicious wig!"

"I saw a concierge carrying a suspicious item!"

"I saw a taxi carrying a suspicious passenger!" "I saw a cook preparing suspicious food!" "I saw an attendant holding a suspicious spatula!"

"I saw a man with a suspicious cloud of smoke!"

"I saw a baby with a suspicious lock!"

"I saw a manager wearing a suspicious uniform!"

"I saw a woman wearing suspicious lettuce!"

"I saw my mother!"

"I can't see anything!" someone yelled. "It's as dark as a crow flying through a pitch black night!"

"I see something right now!" cried a voice. "There are three suspicious people standing at the edge of the pond!"

"They're the people who were talking to the reporter!" cried somebody else. "They're refusing to show their faces!"

"They must be murderers!" cried yet another person. "Nobody else would act as suspiciously as that!"

"We'd better hurry downstairs," said one more guest, "before they escape!"

"Wow!" squealed another voice. "Wait until the readers of The Daily Punctilio read the headline: 'VICIOUS MURDER AT HOTEL DENOUEMENT!' That's much more exciting than an accident!"

Восстание в колонии на острове.

"That's enough," Ishmael said quickly. "I suggest that we stop arguing."
"I suggest we continue to argue!" cried Erewhon.
"I suggest we abandon Ishmael and his supporters!" cried Professor Fletcher.
"I suggest we abandon the mutineers!" cried Calypso.
"I suggest better food!" cried another islander.
"I suggest more cordial!" cried another.
"I suggest a more attractive robe!"
"I suggest a proper house instead of a tent!"
"I suggest fresh water!"
"I suggest eating bitter apples!"
"I suggest chopping down the apple tree!"
"I suggest burning up the outrigger!"
"I suggest a talent show!"
"I suggest reading a book!"
"I suggest burning all books!"
"I suggest yodeling!"
"I suggest forbidding yodeling!"
"I suggest a safe place!"
"I suggest a complicated life!"
"I suggest it depends on how you look at it!"
"I suggest justice!"
"I suggest breakfast!"
"I suggest we stay and you leave!"
"I suggest you stay and we leave!"
"I suggest we return to Winnipeg!"
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