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The biggest problem with capitalism is that truth and forthrightness are not profitable or marketable in large amounts.  As a matter of fact too much truth or forthrightness can destroy complete business and whole markets.  One interesting twist is that even when the truth looks bad for a particular company that company may choose to capitalize on it.  For example: The Tobacco Companies learned that when a market is flooded with anti-smoking adds tobacco sales actually go up and what’s more is they get anti-smokers to pay for all the advertising simply by causing some truth to be released.
The Ron Paul Revolution along with the 9/11 Truth Movement have created a new market which demands truth and forthrightness.  Some people are trying to take advantage of this market by using the traditional marketing methods of hype and deceit but many are learning that there are easier marks than these people whom are energetically seeking the truth.
Right now companies are contracting with each other on a global market to maximize profits and lean unproductive transactions.  Some of the companies whose current transactions are having and/or are going to have substantial transitional impact on the American chattel’s associations are:
The Corporation of London
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Federal Reserve
The International Monetary Fund
The Trilateral Commission
The United States of America
The World Bank
The World Trade Organization

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