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Not The Lord of the Rings, but Overlord

Какую книгу я буду читать, чтобы improve my English!

Lionel Shapiro, The Sixth of June, 1956 год издания, кулпена по случаю на
книжном рынке за три гривны. Оцените аннотацию издательства:

 The Sixth of June is a vividly-written novel of love and war, set
against the background of England in the long and anxious period that
preceded D-Day. Here is told the story of Brad Parker, a young
American officer and heir to a great newspaper business, who comes to
England owing his loyalty and his love to his wife Jane. He meets
Valerie Russell, beautiful, compassionate and war-weary, who woes her
loyalty to a brave Englishman. They fall deeply, helplessly in love.
In the sight of each other their primary loyalties melt away. But
certain as they are of their love and that they can overcome every
obstacle and every loyalty, they reckon without the emotional miracle
that took place on that historic day, the 6th June, 1944.

Ваше сердце ещё не растаяло? Тогда взгляните на предисловие автора:

A decade is so short a passage of time in the sweep of recorded
history that the use of the word historical in connection with this
novel seems at first glance a literary impertinence.
Nevertheless I like to think of this as a historical novel. The face
that most adults now living recall World War II as a personal
experience does not, in my opinion, apply as a disclaimer. This is
certainly a historical novel from the standpoint of the methods of
warfare here described which are not dissimilar to those employed at
Ypres, Belleau Wood and even Bull Run, the only differences being the
numbers of men involved, the speed of their machines, and certain
imaginative advances in the efficiency of essentially ancient forms of
weapons. One need only consider that the great operation code-names
Overlord wuld have been pricked like a child's balloon by a single
strike from any one of a score of modern weapons.
There is another point. The trauma into which we have been flung by
the advance of science has endowed our memories of 1942,'43, and '44
with an incredibly romantic aura which is the vital element of the
historical novel.

И для тех, кто всё ещё не хочет мне завидовать, эпиграф:
A later call on President Roosvelt and prime Minister Churchill, a
guest at the White House, was no more than an informal chat... Tobruk,
in the African desert, had just fallen to the Germans and the whole
Allied world was thrown into gloom... General Clark and I, with a few
assistants, left Washingtyon in late June 1942. Thsi time the parting
from my family seemed particularly diffcult although it was, in a
sense, a mere repetition of previous instances coverting many years.
Our son came down from West Point; he, my wife, and I had two days
together, and then I left.

-Crusade in Europe, by Dwight D.Eisenhower

Вот он, наш  крестоносец:

Фотку нашла здесь: http://periskop.livejournal.com/420412.html

Это будет поживей Толкина, я уже вижу. Тут на первых же страницах такая прелесть!
Буду делиться впечатлениями. 
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